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Devon's Amazing Men of God
By Chips Barber and Walter Jacobson

Chips Barber and Walter Jacobson

The idea for the joint contribution to this book was conceived several years ago; Walter Jacobson got straight on with his share, but I, for my part, took a little longer. Very sadly Walter passed away in May 2002, so never saw the outcome. This almost sums up my original opening line, that between us we could probably be described as a saint and a sinner! In my mind there is no doubt that Walter Jacobson was a saintly man; he won the affection of all who came into contact with him. In compiling this book Walter researched his ¿favourites¿ whilst I sought out some of the more bizarre ¿men of God¿, so perhaps this final version is a little more irreverent than it might have been had Walter had the opportunity to run his eye over the final proof ¿ if there are any ¿unholy¿ mistakes, then it¿s all down to me. The very least I could do was to include Walter in the book; knowing his humility, it is easy to envisage him blushing in Heaven.

The ¿Amazing Men of God¿ found within these pages have made their mark in the field of religion in one way or another. Martyrs, murderers, madmen, mystics and misfits are all mentioned. Given the size of Devon, with its hundreds of parishes and long history, it has been possible to include only a tiny selection, and no description is intended to be a complete biography.

32 pages
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