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Dart Country
by Deryck Seymour

Deryck Seymour

The estuary of the River Dart from Kingswear upwards is so striking, and the countryside surrounding it so delightful to explore, that it deserves a book to itself. Most people think of the South Hams as the area south of Dartmoor, bounded by the Yealm and the Dart; but there is a bit extra which seems to have jumped the River Dart and gives us the deep valleys and high plateaus, so typical of the South Hams, all over again behind Kingswear, Scabbacombe and the Daymark Tower. Adding to the interest of this unspoilt stretch of country are four villages, two castles, three old churches, a few stately mansions, a scattering of things prehistoric, to say nothing of miles of good walking where traffic is at a minimum.

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 32 9
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