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A to Z of Dartmoor Tors
Terry Bound

When is a tor not a tor? Why do some 'piles of rock' not have the word 'tor' in their name when other, less worthy hills do? The great Dartmoor writers of the past have always been reluctant to commit themselves to an answer. But they have always been prepared to argue over a name! Now, Terry Bound, who probably knows Dartmoor better than any other living author, has compiled the definitive guide to all the Dartmoor Tors. With constant references to the names preferred by such great authorities as Crossing, Hemery and Rowe, this comprehensive catalogue contains every tor and rock pile that appears on the Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 Leisure Map, plus many that don't!

Terry has visited nearly every known and unknown 'tor' on and around the moor and uses his considerable knowledge to identify other landmarks and distinguishing features. With this invaluable guide on their bookshelves, no Dartmoor enthusiast need ever again be in any doubt as to the identity or location of any Tor.

64 pages
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