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Exeter City
A File of Fascinating Football Facts
by Mike Blackstone

A File of Fascinating Football Facts
Mike Blackstone

    Exeter City may well be synonymous with the colours Red and White, but they have changed their colours more times than a chameleon! Exeter City have also played in Green and White, Chocolate and Yellow, Tangerine and Black, all Red, all White and even Sky Blue! Needless to say, Exeter City have had a colourful past in more ways than one and this "file of fascinating football facts" records numerous odd and nearly forgotten stories.
    Memories will be revived as Mike Blackstone, soccer statistician/historian, delves into his extensive collection of football memorabilia. He recalls when "Tarzan" played in goal for the City, retells the saga of the club's very own "dead parrot sketch" and recollects the International fixture between Brazil and Exeter City! This book is packed with many other anecdotes which will delight and entertain Exeter City's Red and White Army of supporters.

112 pages
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