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Exmouth Century - Part One
By George Pridmore

Part One
George Pridmore

At the start of the twentieth century, Exmouth could have been described as a small compact town hugging the Exe Estuary, despite the fact that it had recently been formed into an Urban District which included the villages of Withycombe and Littleham. The population then was just under 10,000. One hundred years later that description no longer applies. The century ¿ particularly the second half ¿ has seen the town expand tremendously, with housing and industrial development on what was previously agricultural land. And the population has more than trebled. This book may be described as a snapshot album of Exmouth over those one hundred years. Like most family albums, the emphasis is on people, although some events and places are included.

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 83 3
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