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From the Dart to the Start
By Chips Barber

Chips Barber

In travelling westwards across South Devon, once the Dart is crossed, the countryside and coastline assumes a special, almost magical atmosphere. This is the South Hams, and the coastline of Start Bay is a majestic sweep from the mouth of one of Devon's main rivers southwards to one of its most striking headlands. "From the Dart to the Start" is Devon at its very best but we shall discover, as we venture forth along this southern seaboard, the area has also witnessed heartaches, hardships and harrowing stories. However, those who live there would never want to leave and there are thousands of people who make an annual pilgrimage from the concrete jungles of our mega city conurbations who would gladly stay on if the circumstances permitted. Maybe this little book will warm their hearts and revive their spirits when they are in exile from this magical land.

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 01 9
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