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The Ghosts of Berry Pomery Castle
by Deryck Seymour

Deryck Seymour

Berry Pomeroy Castle! To some people it is 'just an interesting old ruin,' to some it is a place of great terror and they swear never to go near it again, and to the others it is a place of great fascination reaching out to their subconscious, willing them to research its darkest secrets. Deryck Seymour falls into the last category! His fascination with Berry Pomeroy dates back to his childhood and, knowing that he is a great authority on the subject, many people have told him of their experiences ranging from mere bad feelings to outright stark horror. He has now compiled and categorised these experiences into this fascinating little book¿no wonder it is regarded as "the Most Haunted Castle in Britain"!

32 pages
ISBN: 0 946651 38 8
UK Price: £2.50 (+ 1.50 GBP postage)
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