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Hontion Past and Present
By Chips Barber

Chips Barber

Fires, floods, follies, fisticuffs and the famous; churches, cinemas, cannons and charabanes; artists, artesans, ale-houses and antiques ¿ they (and a lot more besides) are all here for you to read about. Although it is the buildings which are the focal point of attention, there is still much more to learn, from the many famous folk who have visited Honiton at one time or another to the 'ordinary' people whose lives have shaped the town's development. This lavishly illustrated little book shows the town as it is now and tells of how it once was.

32 pages
Obelisk Publications
ISBN: 1 899073 89 2
UK Price: £2.99 (+ 1.50 GBP postage)
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