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Kenton and Starcross of Yesteryear
By Eric Vaughan

Eric Vaughan

This nostalgic journey, in old picture postcard views, is from the Turf, at the seaward end of the Exeter Canal, to the Sod at Cockwook. Passing through Powderham, Kenton and Starcross along the way, there is even a detour to take in both Oxton House and Mamhead House. This book features more than 80 photos from the wonderful collection of Eric Vaughan, who was born at Middlewood but whose family moved 'down the road' to Starcross when he was just a few weeks old. For years he has collected old picture postcards of the area and this superb sequence should evoke maky memories for those who have lived here for any length of time and, at the same time, show 'newcomers' what this lovely area was like in those 'good old days'!

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 70 1
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