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Murders and Mysteries in Devon
By Ann James

Ann James

From the Man They Could Not Hang to the Infamous Baby Murderer of Torquay — Murders always Hit the Headlines! In this intriguing compilation of murders and mysteries from darkest Devon, the author has investigated the most notorious cases alongside some of the less well-known tales, telling the stories in a clear and concise easy-to-read style. Read about the murder victim who reappeared as a ghost to name his killer; the innocent man who escaped the hangman's noose by a whisker and then spent over 40 years in exile before clearing his name; the mystery of the young bride who drowned tragically just days after her wedding — was it an accident, or was she murdered by her husband … or her parents? And read a murderer's own account of how, in a fit of demented rage, he stabbed his wife to death and then tried to kill himself!

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 37 X
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