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Mike and Hilary Wreford's
Okehampton Collection II

Mike and Hilary Wreford

Following on the success of the first "Okehampton Collection" Mike and Hilary Wreford have now selected even more photos of people and places in the town. Not only are the pictures quite splendid but some of the stories could only have happened in Okehampton! There was the first burglary ever committed with a battery powered torch, the flying circus that was very nearly grounded, the fire brigade with no uniforms, who took horses from the local dustcart to pull the engine, all whilst the fires burned brightly! Familiar faces fill the pages from angelic-looking boy scouts, some of whom achieved local greatness, through to sports teams, which have represented the town with such enthusiasm and dedication. If you enjoyed book one, you'll love book two!

48 pages
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ISBN: 0 946651 88 4
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