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Okehampton People
By Mike and Hilary Wreford

Mike and Hilary Wreford

The title of this book is a complete giveaway as to what it's all about! Okehampton People is a book which features as many of the townsfolk as could be accommodated. Peering from the pages of this social history of the town are a thousand, or more, faces from the town's past and present, from all walks of life. Here we find choirboys and councilors, Baptists, bandsmen and bowlers, Scouts and soccer 'stars', schoolchildren and schoolteachers, ramblers and rugby players, Rotarians and Round Tablers, golfers and Girl Guides ¿ just some of the many people who have shaped the town's social and sporting life down through the years. This pictorial record will be the perfect keepsake of the future, a visual record of the good fold who were active in and around the town throughout the twentieth century.

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 60 4
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