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Princetown of Yesteryear Part I
By Chips Barber

Chips Barber

Princetown sits high on the roof of Devon, a place that has always been well-known for its prison but, as these wonderful pictures show, there is much more to the place than the world-famous gaol. Many people are fascinated by this Dartmoor settlement, like Rosie Oxenham who has, for many years, collected old picture postcards and photographs of a "Princetown of Yesteryear". In this first volume many of the pictures feature street scenes, reminders of buildings or buisnesses now long-gone. For anyone new to the area this book provides an illustrated look at what things were like in the past. And for those who know Princetown well, this little book should stir quite a few memories!

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 20 5
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