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Sampford Peverell of Yesteryear
By Bridget Berhardt & Jenny Holley

Bridget Berhardt & Jenny Holley

This little book portrays Sampford Peverell as it used to be, with a stunning sequence of pictures, mostly from the early twentieth century. It features blacksmiths, shops, rectories, schools, quaint cottages, a butter factory and haunted house, even a large pond, all long-gone in 'real life' but 'immortalised' in these picture postcard views. There are also many scenes still instantly recognisable, where they have been less dramatic changes. This book is a record of how the village used to be when common car ownership was still a long way off, and when the pace of life was a lot slower than it is now ¿
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32 pages
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ISBN: 1 899073 97 3
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