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Walks in the Shadow of Dartmoor
Denis McCallum

Denis McCallum

Denis McCallum has lived and worked in the 'Shadow of Dartmoor" all his life. He has always been a keen walker but it is only since his retirement that he has fully explored this area around the edge of Dartmoor, thus discovering many little-used paths and byways in this glorious countryside. The result of his explorations is this book of ten walks - all in 'The Shadow of Dartmoor'. To add to your enjoyment of these strolls, Denis has included many fascinating facts about the various places passed along the way and for good measure has cunningly worked the occasional place of liquid refreshment into most of the routes!
32 pages
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UK Price: £1.95 (+ 1.50 GBP postage)
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ISBN: 0 946651 62 0

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