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Shaldon and Ringmore
By Chips Barber

Chips Barber

There may be two Ringmores in Devon (the other is near Bigbury-on-Sea), but there¿s only one Shaldon. This little book sets out to feature these two Teign estuary-side settlements, largely through memories, old writings and picture postcards, like the view below of Shaldon¿s beach in about 1900. Inevitably, Shaldon, with its shops, pubs and many businesses, occupies the lion¿s share of the book. My good friend Mavis Piller spent some of her childhood here, about three score and ten years ago, and still has a love affair with the village. She kindly allowed me to dip into her wonderful collection of old picture postcards of the area. Hopefully, in conjunction with some of the more modern scenes that I have taken, they will help to bring the text to life.

32 pages
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ISBN: 1 903585 51 1
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