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Sidmouth of Yesteryear
By Chips Barber

Chips Barber

The Regency resort of Sidmouth in East Devon is a beautiful place! Naturally it has attracted seaside visitors from far and wide over many years. Since Victorian times it has been the custom of visitors to send home to friends and relations picture postcard views with a brief message perhaps mentioning the journey, the weather or accommodation. This wonderful sequence of picture postcards depicts a wide variety of subjects other than just the Esplanade on a fine day. Storms, floods, disasters, special occassions, street scenes, local characters and other 'items of interest' all become subjects for the postcard publishers to portray. With the older views we see a serene, traffic-free 'Sidmouth of Yesteryear' when the pace of life was a gentle 'stroll along the prom'. Those were the days!

32 pages
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