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Torquay United
The first 70 years
By Laura Joint

The First 70 Years
Laura Joint

    Torquay United may be one of the smallest clubs in the Football Leauge but it has a proud history which spans three score years and ten. Laura Joint, Torquay United correspondent on the Western Morning News, has captured and chronicled the ups and downs, the joys and despairs of the Gulls' colourful past in this entertaining and informative book.
    United supporters can now relive some of the most memorable matches and incidents, and recall the characters who have helped to shape the Torquay club's history. Here is a permanent reminder of both good times and bad for fans and followers who have enjoyed and endured the fluctuating fortunes of the League's most frustratingly entertaining team. This book is an absolute 'must' for any football lover's collection!

96 pages
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ISBN: 0 946651 42 6
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