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By Chips Barber

    "The Torbay Book" by Chips Barber was first published in 1984 and featured three main towns that make up the area of Torbay — Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham. Many things have changed in the area since then, including each town demanding its own identity! Therefore Chips has taken his original book and reworked, reshaped, revised and re-illustrated each section into an entirely independent volume.
    In this attractive and informative book, which will hopefully amuse and entertain with its light-hearted approach, are stories of saints and sinners, caves and coves, disasters, historic events and other stories about the people and places in this famous Devonshire resort of Torquay. Whether you are new to the area, have lived here forever, or are visiting for a short time only, this little book should have enormous appeal!

32 pages
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ISBN: 0 946651 58 2
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