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Walks in Tamar and Tavy Country
By Denis McCallum

Denis McCallum

Plymouth-born Denis McCallum has spent most of his life in this area, and has always enjoyed exploring the countryside which surrounds the Tamar and Tavy rivers. Retirement for this industrial chemist was obviously the right formula as it has given him the opportunity to get out and about more frequently to walk the litle-known paths and tracks in the countryside he thought he knew so well from childhood days. He discovered many lovely walks in the Tamar and Tavy valleys and the fruits of his safaris were logged, resulting in this little book. "Walks in the Tamar and Tavy Country" contains ten great walks in an area rich in history, with many snippets of information included to add interest to the strolls. And as a bonus Denis has gone to great lenths to invlude a pub on most of the walks — so there is no excuse not to enjoy yourself, is there?

32 pages
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ISBN: 0 946651 63 9
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